Python Developers Training Outline

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  • Fundamentals of writing Python scripts
  • Learn core Python scripting elements such as variables and flow control structures
  • Discover how to work with lists and sequence data
  • Write Python functions to facilitate code reuse
  • Use Python to read and write files
  • Make their code robust by handling errors and exceptions properly
  • Work with the Python standard library
  • Explore Python's object-oriented features
  • Search text using regular expressions


  • Extract data from binary files or other binary data streams
  • Create data structures using classes and named tuples, search and replace text with regular expressions
  • Read and write CSV and other data formats
  • Serialize data to pickle files, JSON, and XML and Consume and process data from the Web
  • Deal with missing data, Share data with Excel spreadsheets
  • Analyse data with SciPy/NumPy


  • Process text using regular expressions
  • Leverage OS services
  • Perform basic graphics programming
  • Create modules, Testing and debugging applications
  • Interact with network services such as FTP and SMTP
  • Query databases, Process XML data, Work with JSON
  • Use the sh module