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Simplifying and Customizing ERP Solution.

We collaborate to simplify and customize ERP Solution to match the requirements before successful deployment. Our ERP Solution is scalable to meet your for future needs.


We successfully deploy ERP & CRM software to manage small or medium businesses or sole proprietors. 

We study your requirements and customize our solution by adding modules, enabling features you need on a WAMP, MAMP or LAMP server (Apache, Mysql, PHP for all Operating Systems). The ERP and CRM software’s goal is to simplify your day to day business. It is simple to install and  use.

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Summary of main ERP-CRM features

Main Modules

  • Customers, Prospects or Suppliers Directory
  • Products and Services Catalog
  • Stock Management
  • Bank Accounts Management
  • Commercial Actions Management
  • Order Management
  • Commercial Proposals Management
  • Contract Management
  • Invoice Management
  •  Payments Management
  • Standing Orders Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Agenda with ical,vcal export for third tools integration
  • EDM (Electronic Document Management)
  • Foundation Member Management
  • Leave Requests for Employees
  • Mass Emailing
  • Realize Surveys
  • Point of Sale
  • Donation Management
  • Reporting
  • PDF Generation of all Elements (invoices, proposals, orders etc.)
  • Import and Export Tools (CSV or Excel)
  • Bookmark Management
  • LDAP Connectivity

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