Android Development

Android Developers Training Outline

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  • How to develop applications for the Android operating system from Google. This includes current to Android 4.2.x and can be tailored to any Android version
  • The Course includes DE, device emulator, and profiling tools, Android application architecture, building of user interfaces with fragments, views, form widgets, text input, lists, tables, advanced UI widgets for scrolling, tabbing, and layout control, present menus via the android action bar and handle menu selections, storing of application data on the mobile device, in internal or external storage locations and support user-specific preferences using the Android Preferences API


  • Store app-specific information in SQLite databases.
  • Making remote connections using HTTP, XML, and JSON, and take advantage of mapping and other web services
  • Implement background work as asynchronous tasks and Android services for asynchronous notification, and integrate these services with applications
  • Manage audio, photo, and video content, and integrate built-in media applications in your own Android applications
  • Integrate map views into their applications, and provide custom overlays of map markers and other information
  • Use cryptography as appropriate, especially in remote communications and manage user credentials, including passwords and issued tokens